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General Questions

What features are there?

  • There are too many to list in a single place! That's in part why this guide exists. Clockworks Flyff introduces a ton of new Systems, Activities, and QoL (Quality of Life) features to streamline and extend the FlyFF experience.

  • A few features that you might want to check out include:

    • Achievements: achievements are a great system to get new players rolling, by giving free rewards for certain in-game milestones. It's also a fun way to find new things to do as a veteran player, and a way to boost your legend score.

    • Raid: a new group pve event that takes place at scheduled times where you can work together as a server to take down powerful enemies for some rare rewards.

    • Teleporter: you can teleport (almost) anywhere by pressing 'v', including dungeons! No more running out of blinkwings while you're leveling.

    • Item list: want to know an item's stats, or want to find your next fashion set? You can open the item list by typing "/wiki" in chat or clicking on the icon in the hotbar (or under Start -> Features).

    • Buffs: convenience in a single click. Click a buff pang to get all available buffs from nearby party members, including your own personal buffs!

Have there been any server wipes?

  • Nope, and there won't be. In rare instances, admins have had to roll back the server (to within a few hours), typically with free Anarchy buffs as compensation.

Where is the server hosted?

  • Clockworks Flyff is based in Germany, but has servers hosted in Germany, North America, and Southeast Asia.

What are the server rules?

  • You can find the server rules in the Discord server under #rules.

Is F-Tool allowed?

  • F-Tool is actually an integrated feature in CW Flyff! The CW Flyff Discord Server has an updated list on other approved third-party programs. Please ask before using third-party programs on the server! In general, using programs to automate the game, or "botting", is bannable.

  • See Rules for more detail.

  • You can link an item into chat by CTRL + left clicking it in your inventory. You can also link an item in a DM by dragging the item into the chat window.

Can I change key-binding/hotkeys around?

  • Yes! In-game, click Start -> Option -> Hotkeys to change your keybindings.

You can see many of the features CW Flyff has to offer by opening the game and going to Start --> Features!

Can I play CW Flyff on my Mac?

  • If you have an Intel-based Mac, you can use Bootcamp or something equivalent to run Windows in order to play Flyff. Unfortunately, Flyff will not run on Apple Silicon Macs.

Are there any inventory management tools?

  • Yes, there are several. You can use the Backpack to help keep your inventory clear, or the Personal Chest if you have a Scroll of Premium. Additionally, you can convert a stack of (most) items into a cube by trading with [Exchange] Reonan in Central Flaris.

Character Questions

What's the maximum level?

  • After level 150, you're given an Angel that gives you bonus stats (STR, INT, DEX ,STA). Your level caps out at 150, but your Angel will continue to level under AR (Angel Rank) 100.

Do Experience Amps affect Angel Rank (AR)?

  • Any experience bonuses affect AR, but "Angel Experience" buffs do not apply to characters under level 150.

Where is the quest for my class change?

  • Upon reaching the correct level, you will automatically be prompted to change your class (including to Master and Hero). If this doesn't automatically show up, please open a ticket on Discord.

Are classes balanced?

  • Yes, generally classes are balanced in terms of DPS, farming, and PvP. However, each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the point of balance is to make all classes viable, not to make them all the same!

What classes are best for farming?

  • Typically AOE Seraph and Windfield Arcanist are the easiest classes to get rolling with, but a lot of it is preference. Check out the Class guide for more information.

What weapon combination is best for a Slayer?

  • Almost all slayers use 2 axes because they have a higher STR-> attack conversion rate. On CW Flyff, the attack speed of swords and axes are the same. However, swords are sometimes used in the offhand for stat bonuses (particularly for PvP).

When does Decreased Casting Time (DCT) cap?

  • DCT caps at 100% for all MP skills, and DCT does not affect FP skills.

When does Increased Critical Damage (ICD) cap?

  • In CW Flyff, ICD does not have a cap.

How does accuracy/hit% work?

  • In PvE, you always have 100% accuracy. However, some monsters may block your attacks.

How do I distribute stat points on X Class?

  • Check out the Classes guide for more information on individual class stats. In general, players put their stats into full damage unless they're tanking a dungeon, in which case they go full STA or hybrid (for as much HP as they need).

How does Critical Chance (CC) affect Crackshooters?

  • For Crackshooters, CC above 100% is converted into Increased Critical Damage (ICD). This conversion is capped at 200% CC for PvP and 380% CC for PvE.

How does Critical Chance (CC) affect Crackshooters?

  • For Crackshooters, CC above 100% is converted into Increased Critical Damage (ICD). This conversion is capped at 200% CC for PvP and 380% CC for PvE.

System Questions

Are there any quests available in-game that I can do?

How do I level up faster?

Where do I get A cards or 7% cards?

  • You can obtain higher value weapon and armor cards by using the Dice & Card Master NPC to exchange 10 copies of a B card or 4% for a chance at an A card of 7%, respectively. Additionally, A cards and 7% cards have a chance to drop from dungeons, as well as certain World Bosses.

How long does Couple level take?

  • It takes 10 full days of both characters being online (14400 minutes) to reach the maximum Couple level of 31. For individual levels, check Details: Couple Level.

Can I Hit and Run (HnR) bosses?

  • No, you can't HnR bosses on CW Flyff. Bosses will enrage after a certain amount of time, gaining more speed, damage, and HP. Additionally, if a boss has been chasing you for a certain amount of time without being able to reach you, it will reset.

  • To see when an enemy will reset, you can turn on Enemy Aggro Indicator.

How do I get my deleted items back?

  • Trade any NPC Vendor and click the Buy Back button to buy back any items you've accidentally deleted or sold (only works if you haven’t logged out yet). Your deleted items will not be restored by staff.

Do I have to be online to use an AFK Collector?

  • No, as long as the server is online, your AFK Collectors will continue collecting for you! If your AFK Collector expires, it will mail all the items it's collected.

Where do I get healing items?

  • You can buy food from the [Food] Losha NPC, or pills from [General] Lui. Pills heal more HP per use, but have a longer cooldown, which makes them ideal for emergencies, while food can be put on F-Tool to continually heal you.

Where do I get better food?

Where do I get pet feed?

  • You don't need pet feed in CW Flyff, and your pet can't die! It gains experience when you gain experience (unaffected your experience bonuses), even if you have EXP STOP on.

Where do I get Blessing of the Pet Tamer?

  • You can get them by Collecting or by opening Clockworks Boxes.

How can I turn off rolling numbers (smooth numbers)?

  • Smooth Numbers is the visual feature that makes numbers roll up to the next value, instead of immediately changing. You can disable this feature in Start -> Options -> Advanced -> UI Options -> Smooth Numbers.

Where do I get Angel Mist/Dust?

Perins pls

Pengo po perins?

  • CW Flyff is a midrate server, and farming perins is almost always faster than trying to get them for free.

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