Ultimate & Angelic Conversion

In CW Flyff, you can upgrade your weapons all the way to Angelic +20 through BoboChan in Flaris. The process is:

To convert a +10 weapon into an Ultimate Weapon, you need Shining Oricalkum, Scrolls of XProtect (from Gisela, chance boxes, or Achievements), and the appropriate Jewel. Drag your weapon and all your items into the corresponding fields and hit "Start" to attempt to make an Ultimate Weapon.

Ultimate weapon creation can fail (sometimes multiple times)! However, your weapon will not be broken as a result.

Once you have your Ultimate Weapon, you can continue to use Shining Oricalkum and Scrolls of Xprotect to upgrade your weapon to Ultimate+10. After that, you'll be able to convert it into an Angelic Weapon.

Shining Oricalkum Creation

To create Shining Oricalkums for Ultimate Conversion and Ultimate Upgrades, talk to [Jewel & Dice Manager] Peach. There, you can convert x5 Sunstones + x5 Moonstones into 1 Shining Oricalkum.

Be careful not to craft too many Shining Oricalkum. You can't un-convert them back into Sunstone and Moonstones!

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