Details: Monster HP/XP Table

Due to popular request, an enemy HP/XP table is provided here to help players determine where they can receive the most EXP/hour. To use this table, make sure to consider factors such as breakpoints (1 vs 2 vs 3 hits to kill), element advantages, spawn density, and 1v1 vs AoE.

Sunfall monsters cannot be damaged with AoE abilities and is designated a 1v1 area only.

For a spreadsheet version of the same information, click here.

For readability, all monster xp in this table has been normalized, relative to Eldeon monsters. This means instead of giving an arbitrary xp value (3.63243 million), you can read the EXP as a percentage, e.g. 105.215 = 105.215% of one Eldeon kill in experience.

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