Guaranteed upgrades

Guaranteed upgrades are here to save you from nasty RNG. For many of the upgrades in CW Flyff, you'll see "Guaranteed success" at the bottom of the upgrade UI, which will show you how many more upgrades you have until a guaranteed upgrade. Once it gets down to 0, your item will be upgraded no matter what!

Guaranteed upgrades are determined per upgrade level, and will reset if your gear succeeds in upgrading.

The number of tries you've already put in will be saved, so if you stop when you only have 3 tries left until guaranteed success, it'll still be at 3 the next time you come back to upgrade!

You can see how many upgrades are left until guaranteed by holding CTRL while hovering or inspecting an item.

To see what kinds of upgrades benefit from guaranteed success, see Details: Upgrade Rates.

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