Colosseum Stadium

The Colosseum Stadium is a PvE challenge that consists of multiple stages, with each stage being harder than the last. Similar to dungeons, The Colosseum uses a fingerprinted entry system, with a set number of weekly entries per player.

Completing stages of The Colosseum will reward you with Colosseum Tokens, which you can trade for valuable powerups in addition to cosmetics.

Normal vs. Legendary Difficulty

In Normal Difficulty, enemy HP will scale proportionately to the number of players (1 player = 100% HP, 2 players = 200% HP, etc.) and will continue for 10 Stages, with each Stage being harder than the previous.

In Legendary Difficulty, enemy HP remains the same, but bosses are significantly harder! In addition, there are only 7 stages in Legendary Difficulty. Additionally, each player who completes Legendary Colosseum will receive a chance box with a chance for some valuable items!

For Normal Difficulty, the final boss deals 180k damage pre-mitigation, and for Legendary Difficulty, the final boss deals 700k damage pre-mitigation.

However, depending on your gear, defense, and abilities, you may be able to survive the Colosseum with significantly less HP.

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