Clockwork Tokens (CWT)

Clockwork Tokens are CW Flyff's premium currency. While it's 100% free to play on CW Flyff, purchasing CWT helps support the server and keep it running.

You can purchase CWT through the CW Flyff home page, under your account, or by navigating directly to

CW Flyff is committed to not being "pay-to-win", and therefore functional items are limited, and oftentimes available as in-game rewards. CWT exclusive items are typically either cosmetic, or provide QoL features such as instant item pickup from the Scroll of Premium.

To see items available for purchase with CWT, check out the Premium Item Shop either on the CW Flyff Website, or in-game (Start --> Premium Items --> Flyff Shop).

In CW Flyff, CWT is a fully tradeable item. You can buy, sell, and trade with them in-game with other players through Clockwork Coupons, available through the [Clockworks Coupon] Lorita NPC.

Trading CWT outside of the game, however, is considered Real Money Trading (RMT) and is a permanently bannable offense! Do not trade CWT (or perins/characters/items) with players for real life currencies, favors, or anything else.

Many players have lost hundreds of hours of progress, including extremely rare and valuable items/accounts due to RMT.

Don't be like them.

For more information on CWT usage and other items, refer to Soapy's Scuffed Guide.

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