Harlequins are the only "ranged melee" class, which allows them to attack from a moderate distance with yoyos.

There's no "Bow-Jester" or "Bow-Harlequin" variant in CW Flyff, if you want to make a 1v1 bow build, pick Ranger/Crackshooter.


  • Recently buffed with 10% PvE damage, which is a huge boost

  • Ranged attacks allow you to farm faster and from a safe distance

  • Ability to farm fairly well 1v1 and AoE

  • Good PvP class between HoP and Dark Illusion

  • Most straightforward melee class


  • Sustained single target damage typically falls shy of slayer

  • AoE doesn't cast as quickly as magic AoEs

  • Many self-buffs to apply if you die



In dungeons, Harlequins have a lot of flexibility with how to play. Though they have low HP per STA, they make up for it by being able to attack from a distance and have a high block rate with their self-buffs. As a result, they're surprisingly resilient when fighting monsters 1v1. Additionally, compared to other melee classes, Harlequin's AoE skill Pandemonium has high range, a large splash radius, and high damage, making Harlequin surprisingly good at clearing monsters.

During boss fights, Harlequins will prioritize their own personal DPS and survival, using abilities like Dark Illusion to evade bosses and minions, and using Pandemonium to clear minions.

With the combination of Dark Illusion and Fast Walker, many Harlequin players are able to clear dungeons extremely quickly by ignoring normal monsters and focusing down minibosses.

While this is a fast strategy, it can be risky and players must find a way to deal with facing the final boss (either bringing a tank over, or tanking with Harlequin, which is quite expensive due to its low HP scaling).

Be careful using Dark Illusion liberally. When disengaging enemies, it can be unpredictable who the enemies will focus next, so you should coordinate with your tank to make sure enemies don't flood your Seraph or other DDs.


Harlequin is the only melee class that has viable AoE farming through the use of Pandemonium. In addition to the high range and damage, Pandemonium will also apply Harlequin's bleed damage, resulting in a 1-shot even when the initial damage doesn't kill the monster immediately. This can be used to kite and clear large groups of enemies very effectively.

However, Harlequins are still primarily known as a 1v1 class, and their 1v1 damage is nothing to brush over. As of Season 5, the Enchant Absorb ability for Harlequins has been modified to instead give +10% PvE damage instead of Lifesteal, resulting in even higher damage potential for Harlequins.

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