Rainbow Race

The Rainbow Race is a server-wide event that takes place twice a week (Saturday and Sunday) on Channel 4 (Activities). It costs 1 perin to join, and all you need is a flying mount! You can register at the Rainbow Race Officer in Darken.

In Rainbow Race, players compete to complete 7 mini-games in a randomly determined order. After completing the Rainbow Race, you must go back to the beginning of the race and click "Confirm Completion of the Rainbow Race".


  1. Rock Paper Scissors: win 3 consecutive rounds of Kawi Bawi Boo!

  2. Lucky Roller: roll the dice until the total equals the NPC's roll

  3. Anything But Math: solve 5 consecutive math problems

  4. Stopwatch: press the stop button within .03 seconds of a given time

  5. Typo: type the exact letters and numbers given

  6. Concentration: match all the monsters to win

  7. Drop the Ball: predict the winning hole


For participating in the Rainbow Race, you'll receive Rainbow Boxes! The more mini-games you complete and the faster you win the race, the more boxes you earn!

Completion Rewards:

  • 4 mini-games --> x1 Rainbow Box

  • 5 mini-games --> x1 Rainbow Box

  • 6 mini-games --> x2 Rainbow Box

  • 7 mini-games --> x4 Rainbow Box

Ranking Rewards:

  • 1st Place --> x12 Rainbow Box

  • 2nd Place --> x6 Rainbow Box

  • 3rd Place --> 3x Rainbow Box

If you finish all 7 min-games and come in first place, you'll earn a total of x8 + x12 = x20 Rainbow Boxes. That's a lot of Rainbow Boxes!

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