Parties are revamped with a handful of important quality of life improvements! For a list of the changes made to parties, see Details: Parties.

Party related scrolls, including Scroll of Party EXP (increase party EXP by 50%), Scroll of Party Skill (allows party skill duration to be stacked), and Enhanced Party Skill Range (more commonly known as "Red Scroll" can be purchased from [Consumables] Gisela in Central Flaris.

If you have a Red Scroll active, you and your party members will all benefit from the effects of Linked Attack (increases players' damage), Lucky Drop (increase chance of rare drops), Gift Box (increases number of drops), and Learning Boost (increases EXP of party members).

The only party skill that doesn't affect other party members is Shield, which only gives damage reduction to the party leader.

Trying to get a Party Level achievement but worried about server restarts? You can purchased a Scroll of Party Level Save for 300 CWT from Gisela!

Joining Parties

To get into a party, you can either create your own by inviting a character into a party, getting a direct invite from another character, or by using Party Finder. To list your party in Party Finder, just make sure that "Allow Auto Join" is checked.

In addition to sharing party skills, joining a party allows you to participate in dungeons together, share experience, and communicate via Party chat.

Most parties have a Seraph and Force Master that are AFK for buffs. You can typically find the party buffers by going to the same channel and checking the various collector fields. If that doesn't work, you can always ask the party lead.

Because of how buffs work now, you don't need to ask the party lead for buffs every time! Just click the Buff Helper next to the Seraph and FM to get all your buffs instantly.

Level vs. Contribution

Simply put, Level distributes experience evenly between party members, while Contribution distributes experience depending on how much damage you deal to monsters.

If you're leveling solo, it doesn't matter whether the party is set to Level or Contribution. However, in general if one player is leveling another (powerleveling, or plvling), the higher level player will receive more experience when the party is set to Contribution, while setting it to Level will allow the lower level player to gain more experience.

Regardless of which party setting is used, the total amount of experience is the same. The setting only changes how the experience is distributed.

Because the total experience is the same in either mode, there's no "leecher" effect, so you won't gain more experience by having a lower level player around.

For the fastest plvling, you can set the party to Level and have the plvler turn on EXP Stop. This way, the lower level player will receive all the experience, as if they had killed the monsters themselves.

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