Guild Finder

Finding a guild

Finding a Guild has never been easier! Simply press Shift + G (default hotkey) or go to Start -> Features -> Guild Finder to open Guild Finder. There, you'll see a list of all open Guilds.

Keep in mind that the higher a Guild's level is, the more Guild buffs you'll receive.

Many guilds are not listed on Guild Finder! If you make a friend who's in an unlisted guild, you can always ask them to be invited.

Adding your guild to Guild Finder

To add your Guild to Guild Finder, press G (default hotkey) or go to Start -> Community -> Guild to open the Guild page.

Click the box next to "Appear in Guild Finder", and you're done! You can also remove your Guild from Guild Finder at any time.

Guild Finder restrictions

You can now add restrictions to who can join your guild! Navigate to the Finder tab at the bottom right, where you can select whether your guild appears in Guild Finder, what Language your guild speaks, and Level Requirements.

You can also set your Guild to "Application only", preventing players from being able to directly join the Guild from Guild Finder.

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