Equip Switch

Want to show off your fashion? Or take your dungeon runs to the next level? Equip Switch is here to give you a solution. You can use equip switch to switch between customized gear sets at the click of a button.

You can access the Equip Switch menu by clicking on the Equip Switch tab in your inventory. From there, you can copy your current equipment over, or manually drag items into your new gear set.

Finally, take your new gear set and add it to a hotbar so you can easily access it.

The most common use case for Equip Switch is switching between damage and tank sets in the middle of dungeons to survive attacks that would otherwise 1-shot you!

Using Equip Switch will equip any items that are different from what you current have, but it won't unequip items!

For example, if you're wearing a cloak and you switch to a gear set that doesn't have a cloak, you'll keep your current cloak equipped.

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