Quick Sell & Buy Back

Quick Sell

Quick Sell is a new QoL feature that allows you to clear up your inventory after farming. To use it, trade with any NPC and click the "Quick Sell" tab.

In the Quick Sell menu, you can click the arrow to choose what kinds of items you want to Quick Sell, or manually remove any items you don't want to Quick Sell by right clicking them.

Quick Sell Quest Items

Tired of manually selling Quest Items? You can finally Quick Sell them at any NPC! Simply open up the filter tab and select "Quest Items", and you can get rid of all those pesty Metal Hearts all at once.

Buy Back

Accidentally Quick Sell or delete an item you didn't mean to? You can recover items lost this way by clicking by "Buy Back" menu when you trade with any NPC. This will bring up a menu of recently sold or deleted items that you can buy back for however much you sold them for.

Buy Back will only work if you haven't logged out! If you log out after deleting or selling an item, it will no longer show up in the Buy Back menu.

GMs will not recover mistakenly deleted or sold items!

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