Tank AI

CW Flyff features Tank AI to allow for smoother dungeon runs. Most dungeon bosses in the game will prioritize attacking the "tank", determined by whichever player in the party has the most HP. Additionally, if there's a support Seraph/RM in the party, the boss will prioritize that party member last.

If a Templar is tanking, there's only a 4% chance the boss will switch targets, while for other classes, the chance is 9%. In conjunction with its high HP scaling and the skills Dead Man's Lure and Taunt, this gives Templars an unparalleled ability to keep bosses on them and off your teammates.

You can check to see if you fulfill the requirements by hovering over the Tank/Support icon at the top of your screen, next to your vote streak.

Be careful! There's still a chance the boss will switch targets, so be ready to run or Equip Switch to survive.

Some bosses don't have Tank AI, including Asmodan, Clockworks, Red Meteonyker, and the two Deathwings.

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