Arcanists are the kings of AoE damage, and provide high magical damage overall. They're also great early game farmers with Windfield HnR (hit and run).


  • Best AoE damage and range in the game

  • Easy to farm at low level with Windfield

  • Considered one of the best farming classes overall

  • Very pretty spell effects


  • End-game 1v1 damage tends to fall slightly behind Mentalist

  • Management of skills and elements can be tricky to master

  • Tends to be pretty popular so gear can be difficult to obtain



In dungeons, Aracanists will typically follow the tank around and help clear large groups of enemies with their powerful AoE abilities. Because of their kiting ability with Windfield, they can also use Windfield HnR (Hit and Run) to clear rooms even without a tank.

During boss fights, Arcanists will have to vary their action slot sequence depending on the element of boss they're fighting, which can be tricky.

Due to their AoE splash range over Mentalists, they're much better at clearing minions that bosses spawn, especially in Craft of Hephaestus and Legendary Colosseum.

In dungeons, Aracanists use specific spell rotations. A typical strategy starts by casting Cursed Mind (CM). If CM succeeds, they proceed with 2 spell rotations (2 full action slot casts with 100% DCT). If CM fails, they only do 1 spell rotation. Afterward, they start the cycle over again with another cast of CM.

An alternative strategy is to spam your spell rotation using F-Tool, and apply CM whenever it's not up.

You can use the Testing Ground to determine which strategy works best for you, or test alternative spell rotations.

For Electric/Wind bosses, the Action Slot should be filled with 1 Astral Moon + 4 Spectral Javelins (with Fire element on your staff)

For Water/Fire bosses, the Action Slot should be filled with 1 Spectral Javelin + 4 Astral Moons (with Water element on your staff)

For Earth bosses, you can choose either rotation.

Make sure to match the element of your staff with the elemental skill you're using, not based on the element of the boss. For example, if you're fighting an Electric element enemy, you would apply Fire to your staff since your'e using Spectral Javelin, rather than Earth, which opposes Electric.


Along with Seraphs, Arcanists have some of the most efficient farming at low investment. Using the Windfield ability, they're able to gather large amounts of enemies and kill them using a HnR playstyle. Since the Windfield ability slows, it makes HnR on Arcanist significantly better than on Mentalist.

Later on, Arcanists may also farm using the EVA Storm ability if they're able to kill enemies in 1 or 2 casts of the skill.

Arcanists can also farm 1v1 using Astral Moon, but this is only done if you can consistently 1-shot enemies with Astral Moon.

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