General Progression Guide

It's recommended that before you begin, you decide on what Class you want to play. Don't worry, you can always create a new character later, but it's helpful to know what you want your character to be so you know what stats and weapon to use since you can't change your class after you decide on it.

For specifics on Leveling or Class Gear Guides, see those sections. This guide will walk you through what general progression through the game might look like, in addition to some of the considerations you might make for running dungeons or farming.

Early-Game (up to 121-H)

The Early-Game has many stopping points, where you can decide to run dungeons or progress. It's important to remember that while you can always move forward, it's impossible to move back.

If you pass a dungeon, you can't de-level to re-enter, you have to create a new character. Make sure to use EXP Stop as needed.


At level 120, you can stop to farm Red Meteonyker, or farm Neo Cascada for perins and Angel Coins. If you're well funded or have friends to run with, you can also try your luck in the Aminus Dungeon for rare and powerful Vampire Weapons.


At level 80-M, you can stop to farm Savage Wilds for Lusaka's Crystal Weapons, in addition to Savage Wilds jewelry, which is used by all classes. It's recommended to find a group to farm Savage Wilds with, as soloing it can be extremely challenging and tedious.

Alternatively, you can create a secondary character to farm this dungeon while your main character continues leveling onward.


At 121-H, you have several options. You can once again farm Red Meteonyker for Bloody Weapons and level 120 gear sets, run La Christiana A for Mastercraft Weapons, or run Cursed Aminus for Ancient Weapons.

Between La Christiana A and Cursed Aminus, the former is generally preferred because it's much easier to run and can be completed in a much faster time, and most of the Mastercraft Weapons are quite good.

A few things before you move on:

Mid-Game (up to 130-H)

The Mid-Game is where you'll find your character's power to really start ramping up. With only a small gap in levels but access to a whole suite of dungeons, the Mid-Game is an exciting time to work on your gear and power up your character.

Here, you have the option to continue farming Neo Cascada, or run the three new dungeons that are released. Catacombs of Anguish, Ankou's Asylum, and Kalgas' Cave all have extremely valuable drops that will continue to be valuable for the rest of the game.

Additionally, at 130-H you still have access to both Red Meteonyker and Cursed Aminus, and you may find that Cursed Aminus is significantly easier once you have your level 130 gear and weapon.

Late-Game (up to AR49)

The Late-Game is where you'll be gearing up for some of the hardest challenges the game has to offer. There are a lot of considerations to make here, and you'll really want to make sure you're getting the most out of your gear.

At this point, you should aim to upgrade your level 130 weapon to Angelic. A good target is Angelic+20 (8/8) with a good awakening. You can also start working on Angel Awakenings.

It may feel hard to progress at this point, and your upgrades will feel marginal, but trust me, they add up. Push your character to the max in order to challenge the 150s dungeons.


The End-Game in CW FlyFF varies slightly between players. For many, it's about collecting the best fashion possible. For others, it's about becoming a PvP demon, or about maximizing your damage, or having the most efficient farming possible.

For most players, they'll aim to finish the following:

Even after this, however, there are a few more things to do for the most hardcore of players.

Getting to the End-Game in CW FlyFF is difficult! It's not meant to be rushed. Many of the steps require luck, patience, and dedication, but the process of completing your character can be extremely rewarding!

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