Catacombs of Anguish

Catacombs is a dungeon cleared for level 125 armor sets, as well as the coveted [Ultimate] Kheldor Card, a rare drop from the dungeon boss. This boss card is widely considered to be the strongest PvE card for most classes, giving a whopping 40% bonus daamage to enemies below 30% health.

The dungeon features a maze-like structure, including 5 totems that must be killed in order to spawn the boss.

The boss room is quite cramped, so try your best not to fight in the corners of the boss room, especially if you're clearing on Hard Mode. Be wary of accidentally clicking on obstacles such as the candles or throne.

If you run through the second map of the dungeon, you may find enemies teleporting onto you from outside the boss room. Because enemies in this dungeon can root, these random monsters can sometimes unexpectedly root you right before a Hard Mode pattern, leading to unexpected deaths.

Be careful when "speedrunning" the second half of the dungeon.

In the one route clear of this dungeon, it's recommended to not full-clear. Because of the nature of the map, full clearing on a single route will lead to a ton of backtracking and winding turns that can make it very difficult to track which corridors have and haven't been cleared, leading to headaches when you get to the boss with a few enemies missing.

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