Slayers are one of the most popular jobs, and for a good reason. With incredibly high single target damage, as well as high STA -> HP ratios, they're one of the most powerful classes for soloing bosses, and look cool doing it.


  • High base damage and extremely good single target damage scaling

  • Increased first hit damage due to striking with both weapons makes 1 shot easy when farming

  • Very powerful PvP class due to high stats

  • Tankiest DD class

  • More weapons = cooler


  • One of the slowest and weakest AoE in the game

  • Tend to be expensive and items are in high-demand, making it sometimes difficult to gear

  • Weak early game with low investment



In dungeons, Slayers are just single target DPS machines. Due to their high HP scaling and damage output, many slayers opt to go full STA when clearing dungeons so they can fight 1v1 independent of their tank. This allows them to clear the opposite side of the map of their Templar and Support/DD, which can drastically improve clear times for some dungeons.

During bosses, Slayers will go full STR and their singular goal is to do as much damage as humanely possible.


For Slayers, it's recommended to farm 1v1. Some players use F-Tool with "Attack the selected target" while farming, but most slayers aim to 1-shot their enemies. If you can 1-shot, it's preferred to not use F-Tool, due to the increased time it takes the server to register the kill and move to the next target.

For this reason, most players click their target, press "Attack the selected target" once through a hotkey, and hit "Esc" the moment the attack lands to switch to the next target faster.

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