Chat Shortcuts

In CW FlyFF, there are a handful of really useful chat tricks you can use to make your life easier. Some of the


There are several different ways to emote! To see all available emotes, you can navigate to the Motion menu (default hotkey: "O") and select the "Emoticon" tab at the bottom. You can left click an emoticon to have it appear over your head (silently), or right click it to post it in chat.

Additionally, you can use "/[emote]" to have the emoticon appear over your head silently (example: /cute), or use ":emote:" to post the emote in chat. Finally, if you know the code for the emote, you can type it must faster in chat using "*code" (example: :cute: --> *63).

Chat Hotkeys

By dragging and dropping the chat icon into your Hotbar, you can quickly repeat a message in chat without having to type it out every time. This is a really useful function to use for buying/selling/looking for groups, as well as emotes. You can combine this with Commands to perform functions like Awakening by using hotkeys instead of clicking on the GUI.

Change Chat Hotkey Icon

To better organize your chat hotkeys, you can change the icons to color code them! To do so, simply type /ChangeChatIcon to bring up the GUI. Drag your chat hotkey into the GUI and change the color as desired.


There are several commands you can perform through chat as well. Some of the commonly used commands are:

  • /p: type in party chat

  • /g: type in Guild chat

  • /s: type in shout chat

  • /awake: brings up the Awakening GUI or awakens the item currently in the Awakening GUI

  • /channel: check what channel a player is on

  • /EXPUpStop: toggle Exp Stop

  • /ignore: mute a player

  • /GuildInvite: invite a player to your Guild

  • /PartyInvite: invite a player to your party

  • /TargetChange: toggle the automatic target change combat option

  • /wiki: bring up the in-game Itemlist

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