This Wiki is split into the following sections:

  • Seasons

    • Seasons are a way to get a fresh start. All players will have to make new characters, and no items or currency will be tradeable between season and main servers. At the end of the season, all season characters, items, and currency will be saved onto main, so you can continue playing on your season character even after season ends.

  • Systems

    • This section covers all the systems present in CW Flyff, whether they're entirely new mechanics (like the Sphere Grid), or reworked systems from legacy FlyFF (like Stat Dice).

  • Activities

    • There are so many things to do in CW Flyff! The Activities section covers many of the regular activities that players participate in, and provides information about how those activities work, and what the rewards are.

  • Quality of Life

    • One of the best parts of the server are the innumerable quality of life changes. Developers are quick to implement new features and quality of life changes based on player feedback, but not all QoL changes are immediately obvious! Make sure to familiarize yourself with the ways CW Flyff can streamline your experience.

  • Guides

    • The guides section covers frequently requested guides for classes, leveling, gearing, etc. Before requesting a new guide, please check to see if the guide exists in Soapy's Scuffed Guide first.

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