Clockworks Chips

Clockworks Chips are a currency that can be traded with [Clockworks Chips] Leon in Central Flaris, by the Public Office for a wide array of powerups, consumables, tickets, and furniture.
You can obtain Clockworks Chips by fighting monsters or by opening Clockworks Boxes, which also drop while fighting monsters. You can also obtain Clockworks Chips as rewards for completing certain activities.
Leon has plenty of valuables to trade for your chips! Make sure to pick them up on your Adventures!
Some of the most common purchases made with Clockworks Chips are:
  • Remantis Laccotte (50 Clockworks Chips)
  • Scroll of Holy (40 Clockworks Chips)
  • Love Chocolate (175 Clockworks Chips)
  • Scroll of Pet Reversion (Raised Pets) (75 Clockworks Chips)
  • Purple Furniture Box (7 Days) (8500 Clockworks Chips)