Asmodan's Trials

Asmodan's Trials is a Guild activity that can be done every hour, allowing Guilds to compete with one another in PvE. It consists of 9 sub-areas (rooms), each of which must be cleared to complete Asmodan's Trials. The order of the rooms is random (aside from the final room).

To register, a Guild Leader (or member with the Trials permission) of a Guild that's at least Level 4 must sign up with the Asmodan Trials Manager in Channel 4, Central Flaris. There, you will select a lineup of players (8 players total) to participate in Asmodan's Trials.

After completing Asmodan's Trials successfully, your Guild will be added to the Asmodan's Trials Leaderboard, which will reset every week on Monday.

You can view the Leaderboard at any time by talking with the Asmodan's Trial Manager NPC, to see how your Guild stacked up against others.

Asmodan's Trials has had changes since its release, so the Global Leaderboard includes runs made on previous patches of Asmodan's Trials.

Asmodan's Trials Buff

The primary reward for completing Asmodan's Trials is a Guild buff. You can see what the Guild Buffs are in the Guild menu (default hotkey: G) under Trials by hovering over each buff, as well as your guild's specific priority list.

Every week, Asmodan's Trials Guild Buffs will be dispersed based on completion time, from fastest to slowest, and each Guild Buff can only be claimed by one Guild.

For example, if my Guild has the following Priority List:

  1. Blessing of Penya Level 2

  2. Blessing of Experience Level 2

  3. Blessing of Penya Level 1

And my Guild finishes 3rd Place, and either the first or second place Guild has Blessing of Penya Level 2 at the top of their list, my guild would instead get the Blessing of Experience Level 2.

Because the Buffs are given based on completion time and not priority, you should still set your Priority List based on what your Guild wants the most.

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