Request Money for Mail

Tired of getting scammed when selling things over mail? We got you covered! You can now request perins over mail for items. To use this feature, simply click on the Post Box in any major city, and click the second "Send Mail" tab at the bottom.

From there, you can put the item you're selling into the item box, then hit "Send". You'll then have the option to set the price for the item, as well as how long the offer will be available. If the item is declined or the time expires, the item will be sent back to you!

From the other side, if a player sends you a money request for mail, you can simply drag the item into your inventory as normal, and accept the prompt for the price, or you can hit "Decline" and send the mail back to the sender!

Make sure to check the buying/selling price! Admins will not refund perins because you misread the price!

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