Dungeons (system)

In CW Flyff, dungeons are where the majority of gear drops. From weapons, to armor, to accessories, dungeon loot will help you power up (and make some perins).

Most dungeons have an "Easy" and "Hard" mode. In Easy Mode, bosses will have less HP and deal less damage. In exchange, you only receive 40% of the drop rate that Hard Mode offers. Most Easy Mode dungeons can be completed solo with sufficient gear.

In Hard Mode, bosses will enrage after a period of time, further increasing their HP, damage, and speed. Additionally, Hard Mode dungeons will have AoE abilities that you must dodge. Hard Mode dungeons are not meant to be soloable.

Dungeons use a "fingerprint" entry system that limits the number of times each player can run each dungeon every day, independent of account and character. You can view the number of entries you have left by navigating to the Cooldowns & Item Duration menu (default hotkey: J).

Most dungeons also have Dungeon Buffs, which will give your party increased Item Drop Rate, in addition to other useful effects. You can raise the level of your Dungeon Buff by killing monsters within the dungeon, up to a maximum level.

Because of the entry system, be careful about entering and leaving dungeons. Make sure you have everything you need before entering a dungeon. If your entire party leaves a dungeon or if you disconnect in a dungeon, you will lose your entry!

Attempting to bypass the entry system by various means is against the rules. Please do not try to circumvent the dungeon entry system.

Each dungeon has a maximum level to enter it. You cannot enter the dungeon if you exceed its maximum level, even if you de-level (through dying).


There are two types of solo dungeons: Low Level and Angel. All solo dungeons are designed so you can complete them solo with one reasonably geared character, but you can join your party members' solo dungeons as well.

Low Level Solo Dungeons:

  • Mars Mine Dungeon (historic weapons & level 75 green armor)

  • Ivillis Dungeon (angel weapons & level 90 green armor)

  • Dekane Mine Dungeon (legendary golden weapons & level 105 green armor)

Angel Solo Dungeons:

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