Furniture, when placed in your personal house (or guild house), provide you with bonus stats for a limited amount of time. You can buy Furniture from [Housing Specialist] Charlie in Central Flaris for either CWT or penya, or from [Clockworks Chips] Leon for Clockworks Chips.

Make sure your furniture is actually placed in your house! You will not receive any of your furniture benefits unless it is placed.

To access your house, you must speak with Charlie and select "Enter House".

In order to use furniture, you must place it in your house. To do so, press Y (default hotkey) to open the Housing menu, or navigate to Start -> Housing -> Housing.

From there, you must select each piece of furniture and click somewhere on the ground to place it. You'll know your furniture is successfully placed when it shows up in your house, and the X turns into an O under "Install" on the Housing menu.

Once your furniture is set, you can check the duration of your furniture items at any time by opening the Housing menu.

The most powerful furniture set is the Blue Furniture set from CWT (250 cwt for full set). The second best set is the Purple Furniture set from Clockworks Chips (8500 for full set).

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