As of Season 5, Milestones are back!
Milestones are a system to spread content over a longer duration, and inhibit players from rushing end-game within the first few days of Season. Tentatively, the Milestones for Season 5 are as follows:
  • Milestone 1: Level 121H
    All dungeons up to Cursed Aminus are unlocked.
  • Milestone 2: Level 130H
    3rd job class unlocked. Kheldor, Ankou, and Kalgas are unlocked.
  • Milestone 3: Level 150H AR49
    All Level 150 Dungeons unlocked. Colosseum, Endless Tower, and Sphere Grid unlocked.
  • Milestone 4: Level 150H AR100
    Raids, Craft of Hephaestus and Dark Trails unlocked. Everything else unlocked.
These Milestones roughly correspond to Early-Game, Mid-Game, Late-Game, and End-Game, respectively.