Where do I...?

Where do I make item cubes?

Where do I find Sun Paper?

  • Sun Paper can be found in Eldeon's secret island. The entrance is a teleporter in the northwest side of Sunfall Eldeon.

Where do I find a Memory Shard?

  • The Memory Shard is a quest item that can be found at the Altar of Flaris in Northern Flaris, to the East of Mars Mine.

Where do I find the Golden Helmet of Billaon?

  • The Golden Helmet of Billaon can be found in Darken City behind the Quest Office NPC.

Where do I get Piece of Cloth?

  • You can get Piece of Cloth as a chance drop from killing Adrozas.

Where do I get a Sand Crystal?

  • Sand Crystals are a chance drop from Aahan.

Where do I get Mysterious String?

  • Mysterious String can be found from killing enemies in Eldeon.

Where do I get Lost Feather?

  • You can get Lost Feathers from monsters in Sunfall Eldeon.

Where do I find Chanson?

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