How do I...?

How do I change the appearance or skin of my item?

  • You can transmogrify your gear by pressing Shift + T (default hotkey), or going to Start -> Features -> Transmogrification. Transmogrified items will be soul-linked until the transmogrification is removed (with a Revert Transmutation Scroll, obtainable through CWT or chance boxes).

Creating a skin from your fashion items will allow you to apply it matching items, but doing so will sacrifice the original item. You can continue to use the skin as many times as you want. Skins are character bound, not account bound.

Some skins are single-time use only, and will be labeled accordingly in game.

How do I buy or sell CWT in game?

  • You can trade CWT in game by using Clockwork Coupons as a proxy. To do this, trade with the [Clockworks Coupon] Lorita NPC in Central Flaris.

How do I mute or block players?

  • If someone's annoying you, you can block them from your messenger (default hotkey: E) using the block tab. You can also type /mute [playername] in chat to mute a player.

How do I find items for my class?

  • You can use the Itemlist to search through class specific weapons and armor.

How do I hide fashion?

  • You can click the box beside cosmetic items when equipped to hide them.

How do I get a mount?

How do I level my pet faster?

How do I get a title?

How do I get a badge?

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